Balls - The Documentary

Balls – A Documentary

Created by Charlie David, Balls is a  short-form documentary about the body part most associated with manhood and what happens when it’s taken away. Testicles are remarkably connected to the construction of male identity. We tell men to “grow a pair.”  

So what happens when a man is faced with losing one or both? Four major incidents can lead a man to remove a ball(s): 

– Testicular cancer

– Torsion

– An infection

– Gender reassignment.

Balls - The Documentary

The hour-long documentary is filled with interviews, animation and videos as it dives deep into society’s fascination with the nutsack. Several featured experts speak on the role of testicles in society. They cover many  topics, including the decision to replace or not replace when confronted with the possibility of losing one or both. Options of replacements, dating and disclosure, parenthood possibilities, and likely most importantly, the psychology surrounding moving forward without feeling emasculated. 

Despite its low budget, Balls is a recommended watch for any man. Watch it today for FREE on