Barbara – Venezuela Like You’ve Never Seen Before

Featuring magnificent landscapes of the southern state of Guárico, Barbara, produced by Venezuelan director and scriptwriter John Petrizzelli, is a must-watch masterpiece. 

The Venezuelan production set in 1989 features the main character Barbara (Alberto Alifa), a 55-year-old who decides to leave everything behind. 

After dedicating his life to imitating the great divas of disco music in his city cabaret, he gets fired and replaced by a younger dancer—something he considered a great act of betrayal from his former boss and lover, El Polaco.

Barbara - John Petrizzelli

Barbara gets his revenge by fleeing into the Venezuelan plains with El Polaco’s briefcase filled with a ton of money! While on his journey, he crosses paths with Sixto, a young farmer escaping a drug lord. Together, they embark through harsh, scenic lands looking for a fresh start. 

Obstacles that arise throughout their adventure strengthen their relationship as it grows from conflict and mistrust into a budding friendship. 

But will the two amigos  manage to outrun their past? Watch Barbara and today for FREE on