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My Big Gay Italian Wedding 

Antonio’s finally found the love of his life, Paolo, with whom he lives happily in Berlin. Even if still not sure about their families’ reactions, they decide to get married in Italy, in the small village from where Antonio’s parents live.

This 2018 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Alessandro Genovesi. It is based on the off-Broadway play My Big Gay Italian Wedding by Anthony J. Wilkinson. The film stars Salvatore Esposito and Cristiano Caccamo as fiancés Paolo and Antonio; Diego Abatantuano and Monica as Roberto and Anna, Antonio’s parents; and Dino Abbrescia and Diana Del Bufalo as Donato and Benedetta, Antonio and Paolo’s flatmates.

Matthew Breen of NEW NOW NEXT explained, “With overtones of The Birdcage and Mamma Mia, the film toys playfully with Italy’s lingering homophobia, preventing Italian same-sex couples from getting full marriage (rather than ‘skim-milk’-style civil partnership).