Elvis & Madonna

Elvis and Madonna

Directed and written by Marcelo Laffitte, the 2010 movie, “Elvis and Madonna” starts in Copacabana, where a lesbian photographer Elvis “Elvira” (Simone Spoladore) is hired to deliver pizzas.

Her first assignment is a delivery to the transvestite hairdresser Lady Madona “Adailton” (Igor Cotrim); however, when Elvis arrives at Madona’s apartment, she discovers that her client has been beaten up and robbed by her lover João Tripé (Sérgio Bezerra), who took all her savings that she intended to use to produce a show.

Elvis befriends Madona and she invites Elvis to go and photograph her performance in a nightclub. Elvis falls in love with Madona and sooner Elvis moves to Madona’s apartment. Elvis accidentally takes pictures of João Tripé trafficking drugs and she sells them to a newspaper. João Tripé is arrested and he promises to revenge against Elvis.

Meanwhile, Elvis gets pregnant and they decide to have the baby. Madonna finally has the money to rent a theatre for the show she has dreamed of. But João Tripe has been released and seeks the couple out.

“Elvis e Madona” is a delightful love story between a young lesbian and a transvestite. This low-budget movie has participated in more than fifty festivals and awarded more than twenty prizes.

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