Fair Haven

Fair Haven

Fair Haven, a 2016 American indie drama film directed by Kerstin Karlhuber, stars Michael Grant as James, a young man who returns to his tiny hometown hoping to pursue a musical career.

His mother is no longer alive, and his father has already spent the money required for him to pursue music. James (Grant) has also recently returned from conversion therapy because he is gay. He has been practically brainwashed to believe that homosexuality is wrong. So he attempts ‘a fresh start’ and looks for a girlfriend.

fair haven

Alienated from his father who runs an apple farm, he feels conflicted and alone.  He has also left his male lover in town, and his natural affections for him are suppressed. However, when Josh Green, who portrays Charlie, his young boyfriend, is viciously abused by townspeople, James realizes he must intervene.

Michael and Josh’s love connection is depicted with  a compassion and feeling that it is uncommon in gay or queer movies. The emotions exchanged are subtle, yet powerful, and it alone contradicts everything Michael has been told while undergoing conversion treatment, as shown in flashbacks during the film.

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