Four Moons

Four Moons

Four Moons, a 2014 Mexican drama directed by Sergio Tovar Velarde, shares four stories of love and disgust between men of different generations facing their conflicts and their fears.

1. An eleven-year-old boy feels attracted to his male cousin.
2. Two college students start a relationship, and one refuses to come out.
3. A long-lasting male relationship is in serious trouble when one of them becomes attracted to somebody else.
4. An old family man is obsessed with a young male prostitute and tries to raise the money to afford it.

4 Moons

The movie is essentially about what makes us human, acceptance, hope of a better tomorrow, no matter how hard it seems. It’s also a┬ásensitive and well intentioned movie that tries to break homosexual themes out of the “gay cinema” stigma.

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