How To Fold A Fitted Sheet - Lesbian Movie

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet – Lesbian Movie

Bellamy (May Kelly) is having the absolute worst day on the short indie film “How To Fold a Fitted Sheet”, written and directed by Tony Clemente jr.  She’s getting deported after the US immigration office didn’t renew her visa. Her girlfriend broke up with her, her money’s locked up, and as she packs her bags, she can’t seem to get her fitted sheet to fold! But how exactly did she reach rock bottom? How To Fold A Fitted Sheet - Lesbian Movie The film stretches into two different scenes. One in the present, with Bellamy on her phone convincing an irritable customer service representative – Salvatore (Regis) from her American bank – to move her money to a foreign account because she is getting deported. And the second in the past, with Bellamy spending time with Val (Davis), her girlfriend. With each passing scene, you start to piece together how Bellamy literally “made the bed she’s lying in.”  Spoilers, she ends up ripping up her bedsheet in two instead of folding it. Watch just how bad it gets for FREE on