Lesson Before Love: Not Your Typical Rom-com

An authentic romatic comedy directed by Dui Jarrod about how four friends navigate their relationships and careers. Eric, Alexis, Cullen and Janae are all single and unsatisfied living their monochromatic lives. The contentious, first time meeting between online chat buddies, Eric and Alexis, brings about a torrent of emotion as they all meet up for a night on the town. After which, they begin to experience love lessons that force them to search their own hearts and passion for the love that has long eluded them.

The messages go beyond love and relationship to believing in yourself and dare to follow your dreams.

Lessons Before Love

Lesson Before Love is not another typical romantic drama. Jarrod has intelligently found a way to develop well-rounded and engaging characters who eschew any trace of cliché. According to award winning film critic Richard Propes, the movie compensates for the downsides of working with a small budget by delivering a genuine and exciting tale in a way that does not feel forced.

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