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3 LGBTQ Films To Watch Over The Holiday Period

Are you scouring the internet for LGBTQ movies to watch? Whether you’re searching for drama or a rom-com to put you in your feels, it never hurts to have a variety of options. So, after you’ve finished baking those holiday cookies and trimming the tree, put on your most festive pajamas and prepare to be entertained by these three movies.


DANIEL (30), a successful TV journalist living life in the fast lane, has fallen into a deep depression. His seemingly perfect life suddenly collapses under him when panic attacks force him to deal with himself and his past.

Fear, paranoia and desperation appear to get the better of him, and people around him are helpless. Daniel, however, won’t give up: he tries to recapture what was once his by creating a second identity for himself, young ALEXANDER (19), with whom he embarks on an extraordinary journey into a painful past.

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2. Crazy Bitches

7 girls and 1 fab gay guy plan a getaway to a remote ranch for a week of gossip and grub.

The house they rented is the site of the mass murder of teenage girls 15 years earlier. Blood still stains the floors under replacement carpets. The killer still runs free. The girls take it for what it seems – a fun story for a rainy night by a roaring fire.

But after one of them disappears and is discovered dead, the story doesn’t seem so fun anymore.

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3. What’s The Matter With Gerald

A hypochondriac irks his partner by embracing the advice of an eccentric healer. Gerald (Jacob York), a semi-alcoholic trust-fund baby, wakes up every morning in some sort of pain, and he can’t figure out why.

His doctors are just as stumped — he’s tried everything from acupuncture to reflexology with no results. Is Gerald really ill? Or is he merely a hypochondriac?

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