Rent Boys

Rent Boys – Berlin Stories Behind Sex For Money

Since the 1960s, West Berlin’s most important transportation centre served a second, lesser-known function as a meeting place for male prostitutes from all over Eastern Europe. Most of the hustlers are immigrants, a lot of them act out of necessity. 

Filmmaker Rosa von Praunheim profiles the personal and historic impact of the hustler culture that emerged at Bahnhof Zoo by turning his lens on five grown men who spent their youths as rent boys at the station. Interviews share the experience of current and former hustlers (mostly immigrants from Eastern Europe), their male customers, and the social workers who try to help them.

Rent Boys

Rent Boys It depicts the terrible end of some of the male prostitutes and their daily lives and routines, as well as other facets of male prostitution such as poverty, drug addiction, AIDS, criminality, migration, love, and partnership.

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