Scenes From a Gay Marriage

Scenes From A Gay Marriage

Written, directed and starring Matt Riddlehoover, Scenes From A Gay Marriage should be on your list of must-watch romantic comedies. 

Matt plays the role of Darren, a recently single gay man who doesn’t exactly have his life together. He recently broke up with a long-term boyfriend, he doesn’t have a stable job and he’s not quite sure what he wants to do with his future. 

Feeling lonely and demotivated, he spends his time watching old movies and listening in on his upstairs neighbours – a sexy gay couple who don’t realize that their voices are travelling downstairs through the air ducts.

Scenes From A Gay Marriage

He begins to find solace in his neighbours’ seemingly perfect relationship. Their casual conversations and loud sexual escapades soon prove far more exciting than anything on television, and Darren becomes a little obsessed, especially when he starts to suspect that one of them is cheating! 

With its “smart script” and “winning performances,” the 2012 movie Scenes from a Gay Marriage quickly became one of the most popular gay-themed films of the year! Audiences and critics have sung the film’s praises, calling it a “witty little comedy-drama reminiscent of Woody Allen’s works” ( It has “heart, charm…” ( “…hunks, and hilarity!” (

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