Sexing the Trans Man Documentary

Sexing The Transman Documentary

Sexing the Transman is a groundbreaking mainstream documentary about FTM sexualities. Buck Angel encourages sensitive, in-depth talks with transmen and those who love them about how the medical and social procedures of gender change influence their bodies, sexualities, and identities.

Sexing the Transman Documentary

This engaging documentary delves into transmen’s sexuality and the changes individuals go through as a result of their gender transitions from female to male.┬áIt shows how transitioning may give you a stronger feeling of independence, drive, and readiness to try new things. It has interviews with Margaret Cho, who explains her identity as a queer bottom drawn to masculinity, and FTM comic Ian Harvie, who comments on his dysphoria and how his connection with his body and sexuality has altered after transitioning.

In candid dialogues and intimate interviews, transmen and their partners expose the most sensitive secrets of their sex life. There are some explicit moments depicted.

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