Tennessee Queer

Jason Potts’ return to his home town in Tennessee causes religion, politics and gay pride to clash as he makes life better for the LGBT teenagers in the 1 hour 30 minute movie “Tennessee Queer”.

Tennessee Queer, directed and written by Mark Jones, is a typical story of LGBT teenagers, particularly those who reside in red state America. Jason Potts was bullied as a teen due to his sexual orientation, and left the first chance he could. After several years, he is happily married living in New York with his partner when he receives a phone call from his mother, who urges him to return to Smythe, Tennessee.

Without delving into specifics, Smythe hosts a Gay Pride Parade, a first in the area. Billie Worley, a high school bully who is now a city councilman, has huge intentions to ride homophobia into higher government.

What starts out as a jest for Jason has mushroomed and turned him into a champion for the rights of the LGBTQ community in the area. Does the parade go on? It does with some unintended consequences for the marchers and the opponents.

Tennessee Queer

It’s the kind of refreshing indie film that tops going to the movies when you’ve overdosed on big Hollywood formula “blockbusters.” The cast was outstanding, in particular, the two leads Jason Potts (Christian Walker) and Billie Worley. The story tackles a lot of heavy topics that are so current and relevant to “red state” gay people…but it does so with a light-heartedness that just works really well.

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