The Feels – A Bachelorette Party With All The Feelings

Directed by Jenée LaMarque, The Feels begins with a lesbian couple Andi (Constance Wu) and Lu (Angela Trimbur) excited about their shared bachelorette weekend at a woody cabin in wine country with friends Josh (Josh Fadem), Helen (Ever Mainard), Kárin (Kárin Tatoyan), and Vivien (Lauren Parks). 

They all catch up, drinks begin flowing freely, and spirits soar. It’s all fun and games, until Lu drunkenly admits that she’s never had an orgasm! That news comes as a shock to Andi, and things get off to a rocky start.

The Feels Movie

The film’s reality-television style close-up interviews, where the characters share their stories and open up about their fears of intimacy, offer a personal and somewhat hilarious outlook on each of their perspectives. Throughout the weekend, after the unfateful event, Lu and Andi are forced to reflect on trust, honesty, desire, and all the other ‘feels’ that so often complicate relationships. Despite this, will the couple manage to move past their roadblock and choose to stay together?

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