The Queen of Ireland

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Directed and written by Conor Horgan, The Queen of Ireland follows drag queen Panti Bliss, created by Rory O’Neill. Since the Pantigate scandal in 2014, Panti has become a figurehead for LGBT rights in Ireland and her fight for equality has become recognised across the world.

The 2015 Irish documentary film, had the highest ever grossing opening weekend for an Irish documentary. The film has been positively received, with Tara Brady of The Irish Times remarking that the “triumphant documentary deftly weaves through monumental moment of social history without losing sight of protagonist”. Paul Whitington of The Irish Independent rated it 4 stars, while The Guardian also rated it 4 stars, writing that “Horgan’s film shapes up as a most pleasing portrait.

The Queen of Ireland

“The Queen of Ireland” which begins on the day of the vote then takes us back, via home movies and various other footage, through Panti/Rory’s life. This is a funny, deeply moving picture of one boy’s life in the first instance and of a history of the Gay Right’s Movement in Ireland in the second, making it a wonderful historical, as well as a wonderfully personal record, fueled by its tremendously likable central character.

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