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‘Everything is Free’ is a one and a half hour comedy directed, produced, written and featured by Brian Jordan Alvarez, who plays Ivan, the main character of the film!

Ivan is a US painter residing in Colombia. His best friend, Christian, and younger brother, Cole, come to visit. Somewhere along the way, Ivan and Cole hit it off although Cole is not gay.  When Christian learns that Ivan and Cole are sleeping together, emotions begin to surface.

everything is free movie

According to a review by one viewer, “Anyone who sees this film will be able to relate. In a nutshell, this film examines the multiple sides to being seduced, lusted after, and loved. This film ideally shares a situation that happens more often to men than men are willing to admit. Furthermore, it touches on how perfectly crafted to real-life the responses are (especially Christian’s).” 

You know when a film is good when you wish it continued past its ending into multiple episodes. It’s a story that begs to be told. 

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