ma cherie tv show

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Ma-Cherie is an exciting television series, produced and directed by the Australian filmmaker Cherie Laurent. Each episode of Ma-Cherie runs in a 30-minute format.

Each season has a different theme using her wide array of skills to surprise the viewers. It is an Avant-Garde TV show which combines the general elements of high-class drama, comedy, music, art, beauty, sexuality, politics, life experiences, and discovery, which will make you think, question, understand, realize and perhaps even persuade you to make a change.

ma cherie tv show
Cherie’s artistic creativity accompanied by beautiful sounds takes the viewers on an amazing journey that will make you feel, smile, cry, and awaken a sense of ecstasy.

Exploring different hot topics, she explores places all around the world, with passion, glamour, and sensuality of a surreal reality world.

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