Watch The Award-Winning Film Out In The Dark

Out in the Dark‘ is a 2012 award winning film written, directed and produced by Michael Mayer about a Palestinian psychology student and Israeli lawyer who quickly fall in love with each other.

“While that alone could generate enough drama to fuel any gay film, Out in the Dark drops this love story into a sociopolitical firestorm” – Alexander Ryll

The film is set in Israel and Palestine, where Palestinian student Nimer Mashrawi (Nicholas Jacob) is heading to Tel Aviv to meet his friend Mustafa N’amnais (Loai Nofi) at a gay bar. While at the bar, he meets a local Israeli lawyer named Roy Scheffer (Michael Aloni). The couple fall in love, though Nimer struggles with the reality of their relationship. Later in the story, Palestinian society rejects Nimer because of his sexual orientation, whereas initially Israeli society rejects him due to his nationality.

 Out in the Dark

Gay males do not reside solely in western closets, waiting to be rescued and released. To say the least, the one-dimensional representation of alternative sexuality in film has been a letdown. This depiction is challenged in ‘Out in the Dark‘. Along with being situated in a combat zone, it also emphasizes the importance of financial independence in order to love who you long for, which is an element that is absolutely lacking in most LGBT stories.

The film has been accredited with 25 awards throughout its creation, which includes the Audience Award at the Berlin Jewish Film Festival in 2013, along with the FilmOut San Diego in 2013.

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