West Hollywood Motel

West Hollywood Motel – Gay Comedy

Various lives intersect in and around a West Hollywood Motel in this kaleidoscopic comedy movie written and directed by Matt Riddlehoover.

The characters include a medical student (Matt Riddlehoover), his extrovert boyfriend (Andrew Callahan), an adulterous actress (Starina Johnson), her lover (Heather Horton), and a dutiful husband (Phil Leirness) whose wife (Amy Kelly) wakes to find she has a penis.

west hollywood motel

This mainly gay-themed movie is oddly likeable and quite funny. The director, Matt Riddlehoover, also takes a leading role as one of several people holed up in the West Hollywood Motel.

Each of the characters have their hang-ups but these are largely played for laughs. The mediocrity of the hotel becomes a metaphor for the mediocrity of their lives. The motel is definitely not a place where dreams come true, though fantasies seem to happen there on a regular basis.

Either you will enjoy this movie, with a morbid curiosity reserved  or you will hate it. With acting so good, however, it may be hard to resist staying to find out how the hell this all ends up.

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