What is HappiTV

Cover photo for HappiTV

HappiTV is the next best new entertainment app dedicated to streaming FREE content of interest to the LGBTQ+ community. Featuring Feature films, TV & web series, Non-fiction or short form videos, Queer centered podcasts and more being added daily. HappiTV serves as an anchor for positive role models and powerful messages for the queer population. Unlike any other, HappiTV is a place where the community can find powerful entertainment and resources that will better their lives.

We are a 100% minority owned and operated enterprise (LGBTQ+ and Latino) in the United Stated of America. Please patronize our sponsors and enjoy the work of our partners and creatives. Together, we can bring smiles and big grins around the world.

That’s what we are all about. We are YOU. We are ME. We are HappiTV.