What Women Want Gay Romance

What Women Want; Gay Romance

Did you know that the biggest readers and writers of gay romance books are women?

LGBTQ and m/m (or male/male) romance are the fastest expanding genres, seeing larger growth in readership than any other publishing segment. The documentary travelled to Albuquerque, New Mexico to attend Gay Rom Lit, one of the biggest romance conventions in the world to find out why.

What Women Want Gay Romance

Several of the authors interviewed brought up key points including the fact that women writing MM romance aren’t taking away from gay men’s ability to write it. There’s a wider wealth of stories now. Suggesting that female authors shouldn’t be writing MM romance goes against the pro-choice, supportive atmosphere fans of our genre should be promoting.

As the popularity of romances within the LGBTQ+ spectrum continues to grow, we can continue to expect a wide variety of subjects, characters, and subgenres, and an equally large variety of the authors who pen them.

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