What's The Matter With Gerald?

What’s The Matter With Gerald?

Directed by Matt Riddlehoover, “What’s The Matter With Gerald?“, is about Gerald (Jacob York), a semi-alcoholic trust-fund baby, who wakes up every morning in some pain, and he can’t figure out why.

His doctors are just as stumped — he’s tried everything from acupuncture to reflexology with no results. Is Gerald really ill? Or is he merely a hypochondriac, as everyone else in his social circle seems to think?

What's The Matter With Gerald

At his wits’ end — and against the explicit wishes of his practical partner, Charles (Jonathan Everett) –Gerald takes the advice of a friend and consults with an energy healer. He visits May (Kathy Cash), a foul-mouthed, chain-smoking jeweller, and is shocked when the gemstones she sells him magically ease his pain.

This unexpected stroke of luck prompts Gerald to reexamine his life in new and unexpected ways, taking him out of a well-established rut and leading him to wonder whether he can make the necessary changes to be more fulfilled.

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