Will & James – Amazing Race Winners, Create Their Own Traveling Show “Where To Next?”

James Wallington and Will Jardell, are lifelong loves who won the Amazing Race and emerged not only with a $1million prize, but also as fiancés!

Will, 30, proposed to James, 31, on the finish line after earning first place — and becoming the CBS reality show’s first LGBTQ couple to become engaged.

Where to Next?

Now James and Will have created their own seven part travel series called, “Where to Next?”, documenting their travels to share with you, hoping to inspire you to grab someone you love and travel the world together. Join them for their interactive travel adventure around the world where you help them decide “Where to Next?”

Keep up with the couple as they sip amazing cocktails at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore, adventure in Bali, then the world for free on happi-tv.